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My life's little things. You can find here everything that is interesting for me :) But the most important thing is: 'Be kind to one and other'. If you are not than this blog is not for you. I'm obsessed with lot of things and people; movies, tv-series, Meryl Streep, Ellen Degeneres, Tina Fey, Colin Firth, Jane Lynch, Bones, Modern Family.....and the list is never ending. You'll see if you spend some time here :) Welcome, my friend! hit counter
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TINA: […] The Emmys for me this year was the night of the drunk moms. Because I got a little liquored up. — It was me, Amy Poehler, who had a baby three weeks before and was like “I’m out! Mommy’s out tonight!” and, my friend Jenn Rogers. And I went to 3 parties. That is 3 more parties that I’ve gone to in my whole life.
JIMMY: That’s true, you never partied that much.
TINA: Word of advice if you go to an Emmys party: don’t try to keep up with Jon Hamm. Don’t try to keep up drinking-wise with Don Draper. Because I went to the Mad Men party and had one glass of wine like a nice lady. Classy. And then I went to your party, which was super fun. And by that time I had put sneakers on under my dress, I was all business, and then I go; yeah, can I get a glass of wine at this party. And someone handed me like, a water tumbler full of white wine. 
JIMMY: A small fish bowl of white wine.
TINA: Yeah, a goldfish bowl of white wine. Next thing I know I was dancing on the banquettes. And Poehler is like working her like temporary rack that she’s got. - I might get in trouble - And there were all these pictures, the next day, on the internet. I don’t remember anyone with a camera. Once again, I try to keep up with Hamm, it’s not a good idea.

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